New Year - New Business - New Me!

Here it very first blog. I'm a blogging virgin and at the moment all I can think about is...I hope I'm not too boring! let's do this.

It's the start of a new year and the beginning of the rest of my life. In fact, it really does feel like I have a life now. After almost 25 years of teaching, and I will add that they were mainly wonderful years, I am for now, an ex-teacher. I have a new a ceramic artist.

As of today's date, I've sold a couple of pieces of work! to say the very least I'm delighted by this! Early in the new year I also donated one of my first pieces, a parian tea light holder, to an online social media auction, 'Potters for Aleppo' sold for £50!! Can you believe that? That was a huge plus for me as it gave me the confidence I needed. It made me think that I must be okay at this pottery 'lark', ( I inserted that word in inverted commas, as this venture is certainly no's bloody terrifying at times!) Terrified though I am I aim to carry on AND be successful.

So onwards and upwards, as my lovely mother used to say. Let's do this!

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