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About Me

I started my journey into ceramics over 30 years ago, at college in Stoke-on-Trent. After gaining an honors degree in design, my career path moved into teaching.


A Primary School Teacher for over 25 years, I loved my job with its rewards. However, more recently, I felt it was time for me to leave teaching and return to creating. So here I am, over 30 years after completing my ceramics degree, finally taking the plunge and starting a new adventure.  


I love to create a variety of ceramic items. My carved series which is made of slip-cast Parian Porcelain. First I handcraft forms from clay or Plaster of Paris. I make moulds for these and then slip-cast vessels, using my own 30-year-old Parian-slip recipe. The forms I make are intricately carved and decorated. I work closely on each piece, individualising and finishing them. My work is fired to around 1240°C and rarely glazed, as I prefer the noble quality of the medium to speak for itself. The Parian vessels are highly translucent, self-glazing and possess a marble-like finish, which is incredibly tactile.

Another range are my stoneware pieces, mainly consisting of mugs, jars and other functional pieces. These are thrown on a pottery wheel, turned and finished, then decorated using a variety of glazes and techniques. I love to glaze these pieces using a mixture hand-painted designs and  beautiful ready made industry glazes on each one. Several layers of underglaze colours and glazes are painted by hand, resulting in an individuality on each vessel. All of the glazes I use are completely lead free, food safe and non toxic.

In 2022 I was a contestant on Season 5 of Channel 4's Great Pottery Throwdown, where after 10 weeks of challenges, I successfully reached the final.

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